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You have originally purchased your domain name through a Registrar other than farsite or Domain People.

When you transfer your domain here from your current domain registrar the $22 transfer fee will add an extra year to your current term.

Note: When transferring a domain you must enter all of the same information for administrative contact, and registrant that you entered for your original domain purchase. It is especially important that you use the same email address because you will have to confirm this transfer using this email address.

Once you have submitted the form you will have to respond to 2 emails. One will be from Domain People asking you to confirm that you want to transfer registrars. You will be instructed to write "Yes" after the colon and to send the email back. The next email will be from your previous registrar asking if you still want to transfer. Your previous registrar might want to give you a ridiculously low offer and will ask you to copy and paste a code into the subject line and return the email to them to confirm the transfer. If it gets confusing, call the toll-free number below.

Registration Term
Every successful transfer adds a year to the registration term.


  1. Enter one domain per line.
  2. Enter only the domain name and not the URL of a web site.
  3. For example do not enter
  4. Enter instead.
  5. For .biz, .info, and .us domains you may optionally supply the registry password (or "auth Info") as provided by the current registrar of the domain. Simply enter the domain name followed by a colon ":" and then the registry password as in "". One domain per line.
Please enter one or more domain names in the box below.

Complications during processing

A domain name transfer is a complicated task, which is made more complicated by
the procedural variations of many registrars and registries and by the
characteristics of each domain. Ultimately, a transfer involves communication
between DomainPeople, the Partner, the Customer, the Registrant, the
Authorizing contact, the Registry and the current Registrar. It is possible that
a transfer will need to be attempted several times before completing.

When a transfer is blocked and needs manual intervention, it is usually because
corrective action must take place before the transfer may proceed. For example,
the current registrar must be told to unlock the domain, of the authorizing
domain, or the authorizing contact must be called and told to check their
e-mail, or the Registry Password was wrong and must be re-supplied.

Communication between involved parties is vital in these cases. Under no
circumstances should it be assumed that just because a transfer was initiated
that it was completed. Such assumptions can lead to the loss of a domain.

Viewing the state of an order.

You will receive an an email to acknowledge your transfer. This email has a link where you can track the status of your transfer order.

The Domain People support team is here to answer your domain name registration questions online and over the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Farsite is an authorized reseller and distribution partner of Domain People, a member of the ICANN (Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers) Policy Committee.


Transferring a domain name can be very frustrating and requires patience. It also might take a few days to complete since you need 2 permissions to do this. Feel free to call the toll-free number to speak to a real person.

Why might you want to change registrars?

  • To save money on domain renewals
  • To get free unlimited email forwarding
  • To get free domain or url forwarding
  • To be able to manage your own domain better
  • To be able to have 24/7 live tech support
  • For a free business card web site - right off the bat.
There are restrictions on .ca, .us, .info and .biz domain names.

.us domains are available to individuals and companies that have a legal interest in the United States only.

.ca domains are available to individuals and companies that have a Canadian presence and they must agree to the .ca service agreement,

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